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Wedding trends come and go but one that I hope is here to stay is food trucks. With the quirky, urban trend on the rise it may be the perfect fit to tie into your laid back wedding.

Are you looking for an alternative to a sit down dinner? Or are you looking for an instagram worthy late night snack to refuel your friends and family?

Either way- here are some tips for your food truck wedding…

1 make sure you have enough food

This may sound easy but there are people who will want seconds- thirds for that matter. You may need to estimate your guest count higher to accommodate to extra hungry guests.

Be sure you’re dealing with an experienced, educated trucker to help you decide on the exact amount of servings you’ll need.

2 extras

Does your food truck vendor provide paper products, toppings, condiments, sides, etc.?

Are they just featuring one dish off the truck? If that’s the case- can they set up a buffet table with additional food or salads/ sides from another caterer.

Are they providing non-alcoholic beverages? If not you’ll need to be sure you have non-alcoholic beverages to provide your guests, whether it be bottled water, canned soda or drink dispersers filled with lemonade or tea. There is only so much alcohol Aunt. Betty can drink before her dance moves take a wrong turn.

3 weather

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. That is until your guests have to walk 20 feet in the rain to retrieve a taco.

Arrange a time with your venue for your food truck vendor to come by and peek around if they’ve never been there before. This way they can locate the best place to park and discuss a back up plan if the weather isn’t cooperating.

This is a good time for your food truck vendor to discuss any electric hook up they might need with the venue as well.

4 food choice

Standing friendly foods! Think one handed- their other hand will be full with a beer or one of your signature cocktails. Tacos, sliders, grilled cheese are all super delicious one handed foods.

Make streamlined decisions with less options meaning your guests spend less time ordering. Less time ordering means a shorter line. This also helps limit prep time for the chef.

5 food trucker experience

I touched on it earlier… but it’s i m p o r t a n t.

With the popularity of food trucks climbing most food truckers have more than likely already catered their share of weddings but if not, discuss with them how they will handle serving your guests. Serving people over the course of the day is one thing but standard of service is higher at weddings and speed is expected.

Are you having more than one truck? If not, you may want to consider having your one truck open for a few hours. This way the truck doesn’t get a rush of people all at once and allows the chef time to catch up on slow periods.

6 tastings

Normally truckers are passionate about their food. Which they should be because I cannot say I’ve ever had bad food off of a food truck. They will most likely be more than happy to do a tasting for you- or if they hit the streets during the week you can always pop by on your lunch break to get a taste if they’re in the near by area.

7 information for your guests

Food truck weddings can be unconventional. You may want to let your guests know in advance on a detail card. This way they don’t arrive thinking there will be a sit- down dinner. Have the DJ make an announcement saying when and where the truck is and how long it’ll be there. The last thing you want to be doing is herding your guests all night.

Cool, casual and totally tasty- food trucks can be a unique, memorable and often budget friendly way to feed your guests at your wedding.

Happy planning.



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