Q:  How many farmhouse tables and chairs do you have at Southern Belle?
A: At Southern Belle- we have 17 farmhouse tables and 170 farmhouse chairs.
Q:  Do you have additional seating at Southern Belle if you have more than 170 guests?
A: Absolutely! – We also have 60” round tables as well as 6ft rectangular tables along with additional chairs.
Q:  What do I need to do to secure my date with any of The Southern Venues locations?
A: A date is secured with 50% deposit on the venue rental and a signed contract.
Q:  What is maximum capacity at all of the locations?
A: Southern Belle – 299 including all staff.  240 seated capacity. 220 with dance floor.  Southern Charm – 250 including all staff.  240 seated capacity.  220 with dance floor.  Southern Chapel – 70 including all staff.

Q:  If we rent the outdoor ceremony area at Southern Belle and it rains, is there a back-up plan?
A: Yes! – we will go over which indoor ceremony option is your favorite at your rehearsal and that will be the back up plan if it rains the day of your wedding.

Q:  Do you provide any decorations?
A:  Not generally.  Our rental is the venue only.  However, we do have some rental items you can add-on if you’d like.

Q:  Do you provide any linens, china, etc.?
A:  We do not currently provide linens, china, etc.  We’re the venue only.  We can certainly recommend rental companies that do provide these items.

Q:  How many church style pews do you have for the outdoor ceremony area?
A:  We have 14 church style pews – they hold 10/ per pew.  You can also get additional seating through a rental company if needed.

Q:  Does the sheer drapery in Southern Belle cost additional money?
A:  No- the drapery always stays up and is no additional charge.

Q:  Do you have a preferred vendors list?
A:  Not currently.  Everyone has different preferences and style.  We can certainly tell you vendors we may recommend.  However, you’re not required to use them and you can use whichever vendors you’d like as long as they are licensed or certified. 

Q:  Can we provide our own alcohol?
A: Yes- you can… but all alcohol MUST be served by a Maryland TIPS or TAMS certified bartender.  We can give you a list of the bartenders who have the certification and do a great job if you do not know of any.  You MUST also purchase one day liability insurance and have on file 14 days prior to your event.